Natural ways to stop smoking

It is estimated that between 44 and 46 million people smoke and this is known as one of the most difficult habits to kick. Almost all admit to trying to quit at least once without success and many have attempted to quit two or more times. There are things like nicotine patches and gum that are helpful for some people, but nixing the nicotine completely is preferred by most people trying to kick the habit. Thankfully, there are many different natural ways to stop smoking that you can try. These do not involve pumping more nicotine into your bloodstream and as an added bonus, these can be combined so you can use as many as necessary to kick the habit for good.

Make a few dietary changes

Some foods make cigarettes taste horribly and others make them taste better. According to research performed at Duke University, coffee, alcohol and read meat all make cig. taste better. However, juice, vegetables, fruit and milk can make them taste bad, so loading up on these foods can be helpful when you are trying to quit. As an added bonus, they also promote optimal condition.

Indulge your sweet tooth

In about 30 percent of cases, when someone feels like they are craving a cigarette, what they are really craving is sugar. Grabbing a small sweet treat can satiate this so you do not want a cig. Of course, you do not want to load up on sugar, but a small hard candy or a fun-size candy bar can do the trick with minimal sugar.

Move your body

Your potential to quit is doubled when you work out regularly, according to Brown University research. The type of exercise should be aerobic and performed at least five days a week. The exercise should be vigorous enough to hit at around 80 percent of your max heart rate..

Strenght in numbers

When it comes to quitting and never going back, getting support from other people is proven to be helpful. All other addictive substances have support group therapy. There are support groups for those trying to quit, but they are not as publicized. Many places have this type of resource so it is something to consider.

Hypnotize your habit

Hypnosis is commonly touted as an effective way to help people quit and for many people it is effective. How many sessions it takes ultimately depends on the person, but many people notice improvement in controlling their after a single session. Just make sure to choose a skilled practitioner.

Mindful Meditation

The act of meditation is relaxing and it allows you to focus. The University of Wisconsin looked at longtime smokers and how group meditation sessions helped them to quit.

Image inspiration

While it sounds cliché, seeing images of what smoking can do to you can help to keep you motivated. Post a photo of -related somewhere in your home that you see every morning. This can help to stop you from lighting up

Clean house

Once you’ve smoked your last cigarette, toss all of your ashtrays and lighters. Wash any clothes that smell like bad habit, and clean your carpets, draperies, and upholstery. Use air fresheners to get rid of that familiar scent. If you smoked in your car, clean it out, too. You don’t want to see or smell anything that reminds you of habit.

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Know when to try methods for quitting.

It's really hard. If you've been trying to quit cold turkey for months or even years but always relapse or even fall into long periods when you resume your regular bad habit routine, then cold turkey may not be the best method for you. Here are some other great methods to try. A behavioral therapist will help you find your triggers, provide support, and can help you decide the best way to quit. Nicotine replacement therapy. Nicotine patches, gum, lozenges, and sprays are ways of giving your body nicotine without the tobacco. This is a good way of weaning your body off off nicotine instead of quitting all at once.

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